Internet Edition  Newsletter of the Soda Ash Industry  July 2004
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The Trona Patch Times is a monthly newsletter focused specifically on the soda ash and sodium bicarbonate industries worldwide with industry news, production and pricing data, and information related to sodium minerals producers and their customers. Each edition offers numerical information about the industry including production volumes, import/export data and related statistical information, as well as news and feature stories about soda ash consumption/distribution. Articles about advances in glass technology, new PET or PEN products and other developments significant to the industry broaden the reader's view each month. Each issue contains a special article telling a bit of history from the American West.

The Trona Patch Times is the only newsletter of its kind.

Our monthly mailing list includes soda ash and sodium bicarbonate industry executives, purchasing agents, consultants and government officials on five continents. An annual subscription to TPT is US$600 (US$660 outside USA) for twelve issues. To begin receiving the Trona Patch Times click on the subscribe button.